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Harrison Industrial (originally Harrison Gaskets) specialise in the manufacture of all specifications of gaskets for every application. We also stock PTFE products, Graphite rings, Water jet cutting, Boiler spares, Braided fibreglass, Ropes and Seal tapes plus much more. Harrison Industrial is also a distributor of Klinger Sealing products.

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  • Gaskets (All specs) for every application
  • PTFE Products
  • Graphite Rings
  • Boiler Spares
  • Fibreglass Braids, Ropes & Tapes
  • Expansion Joints (Rubber & Metal)
  • Rubber Sheeting
  • Neoprene & Nitrile Cork
  • Camlock Fittings & Camlock Gaskets
  • Industrial Hose & Valves

30 Years Experience

Quality, Service & Knowledge

Harrison Industrial has over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing gaskets. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship. Our sales team has the knowledge and ability to keep our customers satisfied, so they can focus on the job at hand.

Harrison Industrial is a division of LELOX (Australia) PTY LTD. Lelox has been proudly manufacturing high quality truck mudguards and mounting accessories in AUSTRALIA since the 1970’s.

We have experience, we have excellent customer service and we only supply quality products. There’s not much more you could ask for.


Is water jet cutting service only applicable to commercial usage?

Yes. In most cases, water jet cutting services are applicable for commercial purposes. It is basically the use of an ultra-high-pressure water stream that helps in cutting a surface. Being a versatile process, water jet cutting is used to cut many objects. Another advantage associated with this method is its precision and great results.

How thick can you cut with a water jet?

Being a versatile option, a water jet is highly functional in a number of cutting cases. It has a powerful stream of the jet that cuts the surface of the material. The thickness to be cut varies with the density of the material. However, in most of the cases of water jet cutting services, it is estimated that a metal of approximately 6” thick can be easily cut with a water jet. On the other hand, for the softer material, 15.75” or 400mm is the maximum achievable thickness.

When should you use PTFE tape?

PTFE or poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene or popularly known as plumber’s tape is generally used in plumbing related activities to seal the threads of the pipes or at the joints during connection to avoid the wastage because of leakages. PTFE seal tape is an effective tool to hold the two surfaces firmly.
It can also be used for boilers as a short-term fix, until an appropriate gaskets is made to suit.

Does PTFE tape stop leaks?

Yes, definitely! The bond structure of PTFE or poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene is such that it forms a strong bonding between two surfaces thus not allowing any form of liquid to spill through it.

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